How much fat should I eat everyday, what is saturated fat, which foods contain it and is it bad for you?

TRYING TO lose weight is a nightmare, especially when all the best foods seem to be the worst for you.
But whats the truth about fat and how much should you actually eat? Weve got the lowdown
Your body needs fats but it is important to get the right balance and not over indulge
How much fat should I eat per day?
Anyone hoping to lead a healthy lifestyle should be careful about their fat intake.
For a woman eating the recommended 2,000 calories per day it is recommended that they consume no more than 70g of fat.
But only 20g of this fat should be saturated fat according to NHS guidelines.
While a man who is eating a diet of 2,500 calories a day, should limit their total fat intake to 95g.
But only 30g of this is should be saturated.
Supermarket food should clearly display the amount of fat in each item that you buy, while apps can give you an indication of the fat levels in restaurant food.
Saturated fats tend to come from animal sources but can also come from plants
What is saturated fat?
Saturated fat is the type of fat that can be found in butter, lard, ghee, fatty meats andcheese.
They mostly come from animal sources but can come from plant foods too.
Women are recommended to have no more than 20g of saturated fat a day while men shouldnt exceed 30g
Which foods contain saturated fat?
Saturated fat can be found in relatively large quantities in meat and dairy products.
Pizza, burgers and fast food are usually packed full of saturated fat and it can often find it in high quantities in prepared food.
Full fat milk, cheese, butter and cream on the list, along with baked deserts like cakes, pies and biscuits.
Saturated fat can also be found in some products that are considered to be healthy like palm oil and coconut oil.



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Is saturated fat bad for you?
Fat has an important role to play in a healthy diet but its important to be careful about how much you are eating.
Saturated fat has been linked to LDL-cholesterol which is a risk factor for coronary heart disease.
There is a lot of evidence supporting the idea that cutting down on saturated fat and replacing it unsaturated fats from avocado and salmon can reduce LDL-cholesterol levels.

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